S05E01 Prison Break Season 5 Episode 1 Online Stream

S05E01 Prison Break Season 5 Episode 1 Online Stream

Prison Break Plot|Story

Prison Break
Prison Break
Prison Break,the story of two brothers,where , one brother has been sentenced to die for a crime he never committed, and the other prepares a plan to help his escape the prison and bring him to justice, performed greatly in the first season. The first season of Prison was originally scheduled for a 13 episode run, however, due to its popularity, it was extended to include an extra nine episodes  of the series. Even Fox, the broadcaster was surprised to see the estimated audience of 10.5 million viewers after the release August 29, 2005 .

The entire show is really amazing to watch , it is full of love , hate and envy all through the seasons with a great emotional compound . it keeps your curiousity  up on the toes without a break. Specially the love between brothers, cutting off Sara’s head, Coming to know that she was alive , Michael’s death and comeback, All left us in a great emotional state. The American bond they show, Their Team work , everything was outstanding.If you should intend to watch any new series now, it should be the Prison Break.

Prison Break Season 5 Tv Series Full Download

Prison Break is one of the best series that has ever taken place on tv. It’s got personality,adventure, thrills and lot of action. Michael Scolfield gives a ride too rob a bank only to get into jail. With him behind in the jail he makes a plan to get himself and Lincoln who is sentenced to die, out. What few people think is that Michael is the mastermind of the prison and so he knows everything  around.

Prison Break Season 5 Star Cast

The characters are really amazing. You really fell in love with them, but only thing they are that they’re still  very unpredictable. You get to know some of their past life and what kind of people they are. The actors have done a great job in playing these characters. I have seen  Dominic Purcell in John Doe, a performance needs some improvement. However, in Prison Break his true talent has shown. He plays Lincoln Burrows so well. Wentworth Miller is someone who does not need any introduction now, our very own Lincoln’s brother, Michael Scolfield.

The cinematography is tremendous. This is one of those TV series with it’s own great unique style. The mood, uniqueness and action is well picturised in really beautiful looking shots followed by great  music. Every bit of Prison break will be worth watching this year.

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