Prison Break Season 5 Episode 1 Watch Online Live Stream

Prison Break Season 5 Episode 1 Watch Online Live Stream

Prison Break Season 5 Episode 1 Spoilers

Prison Break
Prison Break
Prison Break season 5 may not hit your TV screen until next year but the hype surrounding it has kept on increasing and more since after the release of its much awaited trailer. Not even that when Prison Break’s writer Vaun Wilmott tweeted on Twitter regarding Michael looking for a way out and announced that Prison Break is back it made everyone feel the Goosebumps and it gave rise to the rumors which was already spreading at a high rate. With many anticipation and cross anticipation it is believed that Michael Scollfield will play more important role in season 5 of this one of the most popular series and as expected this series will be showcased by the Fox.

Prison Break Season 5: Michael Scollfield being alive is the major plot of this season!

Many believed Michael Scollfield had died but to the excitement of every follower he is back and he is most probably alive as confirmed by many reliable sources including the makers of this series themselves. Many believed that the death of this character played by one of the finest actors of this generation Wentworth Miller is putting the full stop to the mind blowing saga of the Prison Break series which saddened many followers of this highly popular series but fortunately this series turns out to come up with a twisted and surprising storyline to keep its viewers engaged.

This character is not just the savior of the twisted and thrilling story line of Prison Break but also one of the fans’ favorite characters. If you believe Fox TV’s Chairman Dana Walden then having Michael Scollfield alive is pretty logical and it will be explained in this season. So, there is an indirect hint by the Fox TV’s chairman that how Wentworth’s character Michael Scollfield is alive will be one of the major part of season 5 of Prison Break without a doubt. With the question being making round how Michael Scollfield is alive among the fans of Prison Break this can make this show run high and fly well in terms of viewership numbers and may probably break some of the previous records of this series. With arrival of new villain which is expected by many this show will have another dimension added to it. A fight of that villain with Michael Scollfield will make this season more interesting and thrilling with full of dramas and actions.

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So, with all the twisted and surprising plots expected in the season 5 of Prison Break, this is one of the must watch show for all who love drama, thrills and actions with a good dose of surprising elements. Though the release dates are still far but the expected quality of the Prison Break season 5 makes it worthy of the wait of its fans worldwide. So, how Michael Scollfield is still alive is making you curious? Then do not worry, just wait till 2017 and this amazing show will unfold its tale with a good amount of surprise and will surely match your excitement and be better than your imagination as it has been in the previous seasons.

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