Prison Break Season 5 Episode 1 Watch Online Full Download

Prison Break Season 5 Episode 1 Watch Online Full Download

Prison Break Season 5 Episode 1 Online

Prison Break
Prison Break
Prison Break Seasons Season 1, In the first season, we witness Michael talking to people, trying to be absolutely focused on the plan he has for his brother’s escape. He knew exactly what he is going to do and not leaving a single stone unturned. Until Lincoln was to be executed, his plans fell apart. And when the plane took off, leaving the convicts watching from the plane, that’s when it finally snaked in. Some things can’t be made accounted for. Humans. It looked like that everything that did not go well in Michael’s plan was not due to some equipment problem, but it was a human error, well…it was not predictable.

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The first episode of 45 minutes was full of suspense we all were holding the breath. And the amount of suspense that lasted to the final escape. Season 2 was even more interesting as of I think. Agent Alex from FBI Mahoney comes into the picture with a task force to chase down the escape convicts. He had a charm and did a great job as the chaser. Apparently, the brothers disappear from the law and kept hiding, keeping the low profile so as no one recognize them. The dressed like the comment, local people. trying not to get caught and just hang around. It was worth watching the 2nd season. Season 3 came up with something unexpected or we can say a great twist. in season 2, Lincoln was exonerated for his deeds, they both had a boat in Panama and Michael’s beauty Sara and lot of money. Everything was going great until Agene Kim came into the picture.

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Prison Break Season 5 online
Prison Break Season 5 online

He held both brothers at gunpoint at the boat and is out for blood. However, Sara came and shot Kim in the cheats. Leaving him dead in the water with the entire money these guys had. In the meantime, Panama Police arrives, three of them tried to run. Lincoln ran in the different direction and Michael and Sara got caught after a small tussle and was sent to a jail called Sona Prison, which has a record of zero escape. In this entire season, Michael is trying ti help escaping James Whistler because The Company wants Whistler out of Sona and kept Lincoln’s son and Sara as hostages until Michael is successful. Michael was always short of time, and Sona people who try to escape, normally die. Lincoln is also doing his bit from outside to help Michael.

In the meantime, Sara gave them a clue about their location and then Lincoln decides to free both Sara and his son before they are killed, He gets to know where they are held, but fails to free them by a little margin. They both are held with women called Gretchen Morgan, who sends both the brothers a message for their insolence, by cutting off Sara’s head and in putting it in a box for Lincoln to find. This came as an absolute shock to me the weirdest moment of the season. But in the end, Michael escapes with James Whistler.

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