Prison Break Season 5 Episode 1 Stream Video Online Fox

Prison Break Season 5 Episode 1 Stream Video Online Fox

Prison Break Season 5 Episode 1 Main Cast

Prison Break
Prison Break
Michael is , the main character has scanning eyes and always busy to search for the clues around, he could not afford to appear human. Later, following the escape, Michael, along with his brother trying to make him realize that he was not like the others.he has another side which is something the lighter and more colorful.. Michael has been diagnosed with low latent inhibition disease, al medical condition in which his brain is more open surrounding environment.

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And because of this , he is unable to block out planned information and instead processes every aspect and detail of any given given to him.. This, theoretically makes him a creative genius. His intelligence is well noticed by everyone including his enemies. He was also offered a place in The Company. Due to a feeling of left alone and abuse during childhood, He developed a very low, or absolutely no sense of, self-worth. With all this he has become very attuned to all the sufferings around him. And because of this , being unable to block out others suffering, he is extremely concerned and altruistic towards other people’s emotional stuff. this explains Michael’s ability to make big sacrifices to help other people. he is more inclined towards other people’s welfare than his own matters.

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This particular characteristic is apparently the product of his bitter experience during his childhood, where, as a kid, his abusive and violent father would often beat him badly and have him locked up inside a room for days; and as a result of which, his eyes started to adjust to the darkened atmosphere, enabling him to scan the objects around him which he can use according to his own convenience. Michael also had a great moral sense and was a very cool and reasonable guy. He knew that if he or any of his friends turn to kill rather than subdue enemies, they will eventually lose themselves and everything. Michael’s great creative ability enabled him to design a tattoo which has a hidden blueprint of Fox River that ordinary people couldn’t even discern. Over the period of four months, Michael had certain sections of the prison tattooed almost all over his body, behind those Gothic imagery. Each part of his tattoo means something. Michael was also known as a great strategist and well-organised as he used his knowledge and intellect to achieve each step of his escape plan successfully.

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And now, Michael has also developed improvisation techniques as well. While in Sona prison, he made an escape plan for him, which got failed.. After he escapes from Sona prison he brings down The Company. He breaks Sara out but it costed him his own life in prison, he gets caught on purpose. This event also featured in the movie Prison Break: The Final Break. Now we all are eagerly waiting to see Michael executing his skill of breaking the prison again along with his brother.Lets hope the excitement and entertainment.

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