Fox Prison Break Season 5 Release Date & Spoilers

Fox Prison Break Season 5 Release Date & Spoilers

Prison Break Season 5: How will it unfold?

Who do not like high quality series full of drama, thrill and action? That’s the recipe along with some twisted and surprising lines which makes Prison Break one of the most popular series ever launched. After the release of the trailer of season 5 of this highly popular series all started thinking and making their own imaginative story lines and plots. It is expected that this season will arrive in 4 April 2017 and till then you can expect a lot of rumors and some real spoilers.

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As Fox TV confirmed that Wentworth Miller’s character Michael Scollfield has not died and will be in jail when the most awaited season 5 of Prison Break starts many are anticipating many plots revolving around this fans’ favorite character. According to many reports it is believed that Michael Scollfield, a character played by one of the finest actors o this generation Wentworth Miller, will be dealing with memory loss at the start of season 5 of this one of the most popular series but as good news to Michael Scollfield fans, this character will regain his memory eventually and most probably at the end of season 5 which gives hints that season 6 is also round the corner with some really interesting and exciting plots.

It is expected by many that Sara’s and Michael’s son will have a big role to play this season especially in bringing the memory break of Michael Scollfield. It is also suggested by many rumors that Sara may die much to the dismay of the Prison Break fans in turn around of many events in this season. Sara plays a major role in this season in finding out Michael is alive with the help Michael’s son and her new husband who is Mark Feuerstein. She follows her gut feelings to get back Michael against the words of many who believed Michael died due to brain cancer. This turn around of highly exciting and adrenaline rushing events makes sure that viewers stay glued to see the whole season with interest and excitement. The season 7 of this highly popular series is expected to be unfolded in 9 episodes and keep the hunger in viewers to wait for further seasons to come.

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Prison Break Season 5 online
Prison Break Season 5 online

With the all major characters getting equal and highly exciting importance in the plots of season 7 of this interesting saga, it is believed to become the best season so far of the Prison Break. With Van Wilmot as its writer this is the least you can expect more if you follow his social media account especially in twitter where you can see how he unfolds what he wants to say in a twisted and thrilling manner with a good dose of spicy elements. Will Sara die? Will Michael regain his memory or his memory was never gone and it is just a rumor? All this answer will be delivered to you by the season 5 of the highly popular series the Prison Break in 2017, till then just keep imagining but wait for some surprising plots!

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